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The Bob Grundstrom Memorial Scholarship

Portrait of Bob Grunstrom

Bob Grundstrom was a dedicated, respected, and loved teacher of students with disabilities in the Vista Unified School District for 18 years. He was well known for his work with students with significant disabilities at the middle school, high school and college aged levels and he developed the NCCSE regional classes at Sierra Vista High School, Palomar College, Mira Costa College, and Roosevelt Middle School. His gentle and caring way with everyone led both staff and parents to respect him and work together for the good of the students.

Through his love and concern for his students, Bob helped them to see and then realize their gifts to their fullest potential. In life as well as in his career, Bob was a strong supporter of higher education. Through his example and encouragement, he always led others to further their learning.

The NCCSE Challenge Scholarship has been renamed in Bob’s honor and we look forward to having many students receive benefit from post-high school training and/or education.

General Information

Funds are available for this scholarship to students who demonstrate financial need and intent to attend either higher education or training programs after high school or during transition services. The amount of the scholarship will be a one-time maximum of $1500. One scholarship will be awarded.


  • Students who receive special education services from a NCCSE member district
  • Students who demonstrate financial need, established by qualifying for free or reduced lunch or other aide sources which can be verified
  • Eligible students are those who are not provided for by the following agencies:
    • Regional Center
    • Department of Rehabilitation
    • Department of Social Services
    • Social Security

Application Requirements

All application requirements, as specified in the application packet, are to be completed by the student and include:

  • Background information form
  • Senior/grad written, audio or video recorded statement describing something unique and distinct about the student.
  • Authorization form to use likeness/photograph and materials and release of information.
  • Three letters written by special education teacher and general education teacher or administrator and others, written on school letterhead using the nomination guidelines.
  • Official transcripts that include the overall/cumulative GPA
  • Verification of Free or Reduced Lunch/Financial Need.

Selection Criteria

  • A committee will review the applications, conduct interviews and determine award winners.
  • Awards will be made to those demonstrating the highest levels of commitment to the planning of their education as communicated in the personal statement and involvement in other planning-related activities, academic achievement, strong letters of recommendation, and financial need.

The Award Process

  • The selection committee will review applications and conduct interviews in March.
  • Award recipients will be announced in March. Recipients' schools will be notified for student recognition at award ceremonies.
  • Award recipients are required to provide proof of enrollment for fall in a minimum of 9 units and a contact name and mailing information for the school’s financial aid/business office, to insure proper payment to the student’s account at the school.
  • Upon receipt of required materials, the award will be paid to the student’s account at the school.
  • The applicant is responsible to notify NCCSE of any change of address for all notices.


The deadline to submit the application for the Bob Grundstrom Scholarship ended on March 16, 2018. All original application information must have been received at NCCSE by that date.